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Play almost any media files and play YouTube videos offline with AK-Player
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17 July 2013

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AK player free media player that plays just about any type of media file formats available. This has features that let you watch streaming videos from sites such as YouTube offline. Playing multiple files simultaneously is possible and you organize the content you want to play in an easy to manage playlist. This tool combines two different player engines integrated into one program. You will be able to play music, video files and display photos. If you need to watch videos offline, you should have viewed the same through your browser earlier. The video is retrieved from the browser cache and allow you to view video when you are off-line. It is compatible with the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. When playing a video, you will be able to zoom in with the click of a button. No need to pause the replay.

The smart play list is a convenient feature. It separates the content files by their types. For example, Video, FLV, picture and audio will get sorted out into separate lists. You could play videos simultaneously. You will be able to watch multiple videos on the same screen without any deterioration in the quality of the videos played. Should your viewing session get interrupted, you would be able to resume it easily. The player locates all the media files in your computer system. The tool searches through hidden and system folders and find all the content files available. If you needed a free yet fairly sophisticate content player, this tool could be a very good candidate.

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Today you will be able to find numerous media players available for free download online. The question however is whether every free media player download that you come across offers the best user experience. Unfortunately not all free media player downloads offer users the best experience. You will have to carefully review each free media player download and review their features and advantages so that you can download something that meets your requirements. One of the free media player downloads that you will come across in your search for the best free media player download is AK-Player 7. This media player download offers the users unparalleled experience. AK Player 7 comes loaded with excellent features. All the features that you will desire for in a media player are integrated already to this player. One of the top features that make AK Player 7 stand out from the rest of the media player downloads is the option to watch several videos simultaneously. AK Player 7 is a stunning free media player download and this player can handle just about any media file format that you throw at it. You will be able to run more than one video at the same time unlike the other players that can handle only one video at a time. This is a very unique feature which is not available even in the most expensive media players. You will be able to watch multiple videos on the same screen without any deterioration in the quality of the videos played. You will be able to run both online content as well as offline content using this media player. You will even be able to play YouTube videos without internet connection, a feature that almost every YouTube user is longing to have. AK Player 7 comes with many other interesting features such as smart play list, unlimited video zoom but the ability to play multiple videos simultaneously makes the AK Player one cut above the rest of the similar products. Learn more and download the free software today at
AK Player
AK Player
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